blue wall art for living room

blue wall art for livingroom canvas print

Title : Glass

Artist : Loish

recommended size : canvas print 24inch x 32inch 1.5 inches deep

where to buy :…


This artwork review is of a very cool painting of a woman standing on the beach enjoying the sunset. As you can see this isn’t your ordinary sunset scene, and that’s why I like it. I’m definitely feeling the deep blue tone the artist chose and I also like how this scene seems like it could be on another planet because it has a futuristic and fantasy feel to it. In this review ill show you the size I recommend, room simulations, and ill show you all the cool merchandise that this artwork is printed on.

Recommended size and where I would hang this painting


blue wall art for livingroom canvas print

canvas print

The size that I would recommend this artwork would be the 24 by 36-inch canvas print. This size is not too big and not too small and could fit over any couch and usually most bed headboards if you decide to put it and a bedroom. If I purchased this painting I would probably put it in my office because it gives off a relaxing vibe or I would put it in a hallway So I could catch a glimpse of it as I come and go from home. This painting would be very easy to add it to a living room that has blue décor and accessories and would definitely make a great gift for someone that has blue décor and loves the beach or just loves the color blue.
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Mermaid wall art decor

mermaid wall art decor art print

Title : Mermaid

Artist : Loish

recommended size : canvas print 13inch x 24inch 1.5inchs deep

where to buy :

This review is of one of the coolest mermaid paintings I’ve ever seen. Most mermaid wall art decor is beautiful but this one is unique and seems a little mysterious because Her eyes just force you to wonder what the heck she is thinking about. This amazing mermaid painting comes in many variations. In this post ill show you all the print options from canvas prints to tote bags.

Recommended size and Where I would hang this art

mermaid wall art decor canvas print

I could imagine this artwork in a living room with other ocean or beach décor such as seashells. I think that this painting could also work If it was hung in a kids room. I think that this mermaid is topless but since the artist didn’t paint nipples on her it kind of looks like she isn’t even though I have a really good feeling that she is. At first glance, i didn’t even think of her being topless because it also looks like everything waist up is blended into one color as if she was wearing a thin skin colored shirt, which doesn’t make sense. Sorry for getting the topless theory stuck in your head though, I bet you’ll never look at it the same now haha. The decision to make it look like this is a smart move by the artist to make it open it to a wider age range. If I was going to buy this painting I would buy that 24 by 36 canvas print because I like artwork that has depth and the canvas print is one and a 1/2 inches deep. Smaller sizes of this painting could also look great in certain setups. I would buy the framed version with a tan colored frame As my 2nd choice but overall this painting looks spectacular on all the products it is printed on.
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Vintage beach art

vintage beach art 24x36 canvas print

Title : California

Recommended size : canvas print 24inch x 36inch 1.5 inches deep

where to buy : HERE

vintage beach art 24x36 canvas print

This review is a beautiful vintage style beach scene set in California. I like this painting mainly because of the subtle calm colors and the feeling of relaxation you get while looking at it. In this review ill show you different variations of this print and some cool merchandise with this art printed on it that would be an excellent addition to your collection or as a gift to someone that loves the beach and surfing.

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Wine Art Paintings – beautiful women and wine

24x36 red wine giclee painting

Title: Therapy

Artist : Donald Lawrence

recommended size:  24 inches wide / 36 inches length / 1.5 inches thick Giclee canvas print

Purchase HERE

This painting that I will be reviewing is a part of a series of wine art paintings that are eye-catching, sexy, and perfect for people that love wine, beautiful women, and art. In this review, I’ll be giving my personal opinions on what I think about the painting and I’ll also provide a few mock-up photos so you can visualize how this painting will look in a room hanging on the wall. I’ll be giving you all the info on the best sizes and prices, also I’ll show you other merchandise with this artwork on it if you like art but would prefer it on something else such as a greeting card.

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