Sell art online

The Problem with trying to sell art online

Selling art is one of the most difficult things to do but, in my opinion, it is much easier to build your brand and reputation online rather than in galleries. No matter what kind of artist you are or what type of art you create, everything always comes down to marketing and exposure because what good is your awesome artwork if no one is seeing it. I’ve tried to sell art online in many ways and have always had the same results, no traffic. After years of spinning the same wheels, I realized that simply uploading artwork to Instagram, Twitter, POD sites like Society6, and other social platforms wasn’t cutting it so I started to seek other strategies.

I think it’s great to post your artwork on as many social media platforms as you can but getting followers and likes gets very old after a while if it isn’t leading to sales. a lot of people that follow you and like your artwork on social media are usually artists such as yourself or just fans of your art but they are usually not people that are willing or ready to buy your artwork and that’s the biggest problem.


The solution that worked for me

After realizing that I needed to attract buyers instead of window shoppers, I searched for ways to sell art and came across the idea of blogging about my art. When you create blog posts about your artwork, it has the potential to get traffic from people online that are searching for artwork to purchase which equals more potential sales for you. Writing blogs is great and can be fun but it’s important to follow very good search engine optimization techniques so that your blogs can get ranked high on Google and discovered by people making searches.

You may be wondering, how do you learn all of the important SEO skills, and the answer is TRAINING. To be skilled at any job that you get in the real world you need training so you can know what you’re doing and to do it properly, well blogging is no different.

After searching the web for a while I finally found some training that looked like it would work for me. I realized that my blogging skill set should be based on affiliate marketing because the major point of affiliate marketing is to get traffic to products from search engines which was exactly what I needed to do, but with my own products which is my art. One of my main requirements was finding a program that didn’t require money to start and I found one that was FREE to join.


The essentials you need to start blogging 

  • Training – Just like I mentioned above, to do something properly, you should learn properly. There are certain ways to write blogs and you must know what you should and should not do. You should also have access to training that is always updated and that changes along with search engine changes so you can stay sharp.
  • Website – Your content and blogs should be on a website so that will grow over time and gain authority in search rankings as you add more content. And of course, all of that comes from great training.


How is everything going for me?

Before I started the Training, I saw that it was free to start and also included:

  • 2 free websites to start
  • website backup
  • A beginner training course
  • Easy video walk-throughs
  • 2 training classrooms
  • A keyword research tool

After that, I went into research mode to see if everything was legit about this and I couldn’t find any dirt or horror stories on Google or Youtube so I decided to give the training a shot since it was free to start and I’ve been extremely happy ever since. Since I started blogging about my art, I’ve been able to sell a few giclee prints a month at $150 each which is a great passive income for me because all I do is make the blogs, get traffic to the blogs, and make sales. I have a printing company that handles the production of my art which is great because all I need to focus on is creating the art and then creating the blogs to promote my art. I also write blogs about other artists’ work. You can check those out in the “Artwork Reviews” section of this site. When someone makes a purchase of other artists’ artwork that I blog about, I get paid commisions on those, that’s the beauty of affiliate marketing.

If you’re looking for a different way to get your art noticed and sold online I highly recommend that you try the affiliate marking/ blogging approach like I did. You can click here and start training for free. thanks for reading and good luck with everything!





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